You are about to learn how to transition your small business to take advantage of telecommuting employees with

one simple set of


Here are Four New Reasons You
Should Be Using
To Launch Your Business… into Cyberspace


We can make your Landline Ring Anywhere your employees are…

Now you have total control to make your business telephone ring from anywhere your telecommuting employees live with full ability to disconnect them at any time.

Make your business Scalable

We have a handful of new services that will give you the incredible ability to scale your business by quickly and easily adding new remote workers as demand for your service increases. Our full report details how to achieve this without moving to a larger building.

Adjust your business model to the new economy

Capitalize on new employees who are learning how to earn money from home by telecommuting.  Learn just how easy it is to make money online with employees that don’t cost you one extra cent on office space or electricity.

Duplicate your bricks and mortar presence in the cloud

Follow our easy to use instructions on moving a copy of your in-house computer systems onto the Internet where your new telecommuting employees can access them. No more buying a new workstation every time you add an employee, just add a new login license.

Help More People in Less Time at a Lowered Cost by
Digitizing your Business…

Transition your consultation time into intellectual property

Why continue to get paid once for each hour of consulting you provide when we can show you how to easily transition into producing intellectual property from your current knowledge that can be sold again and again without you spending any additional time.

You Get Four Extra Instructions
 When You Sign Up This Month!

Automate payments and accounting for scalability

Let us help you drastically reduce accounting costs and prepare yourself to expand your business dramatically without increasing your overhead. Today’s customer is happy to pay online as long as you make it easy, which is just what we will show you.

Leverage your bricks and mortar location

If you maintain a real-world physical location for your business it increases the believability factor in your online presence. We can show you how to maximize customer confidence in your products and services by leveraging your physical location in the cloud.

Maintain continuity and control of your team

Follow our simple instructions to be able to monitor your telecommuting teams activities and maintain group integrity with regular videoconferencing sessions.

Surveillance and oversight

Review our recommendations for legal counsel and the agreements necessary to maintain compliance while recording telecommuting employees and customers’ activities. Know exactly what everyone is doing at every moment that they are on the clock for you.

Because of the financial crisis caused by the current pandemic COVID-19 Corona Virus here is our insane offer.

Receive our detailed instructions on transitioning your small business to the cloud and implementing the use of telecommuting to keep profitable in this time of financial crisis.
Normally $588 (Now 40% off)
Telecommuting USA instructions include:

  • Simple video instructions
  • Detailed written instructions
  • Links to all referenced websites
  • Email support for questions
  • Office phone switched to home Wi-Fi
  • Remote connection into work computers
  • Transition physical computers to hybrid cloud
  • Transition physical products to intellectual property
  • Automate payments and accounting for scalability
  • Duplicate your physical presence to a virtual one
  • Reduce repair costs through regular maintenance
  • Maintain your team through group video check-in

Plus you get this free gift when you sign up this week!

One hour personal consultation 

Explain your business to our qualified consultants and receive personal insights on how to best implement a transition which is customized to your specific needs. Our senior consultants have over 20 years of experience and may show you the additional areas you did not realize were profitable and scalable.
Normally $120

In Case You’re Wondering…

Absolutely not! You’re never locked into any subscription or long-term contract with  You are purchasing instructions from us which are going to recommend some initial and ongoing costs, like website creation and hosting.  Any recommended subscriptions are subject to their own agreements.

Even if it doesn’t seem like your particular business can transition to the Internet, our consultants can show you how to take advantage of the amazing opportunities currently available online.

Even bricks and mortar businesses can benefit from the decreased overhead and increased scalability of telecommuting accounting and sales departments.  You can even sell digital versions of your physical items or become a telecommuter yourself by selling your time over video chat

Because we care about American people and small businesses who are losing jobs and income because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 we will try to keep this discount going as long as the World Health Organization considers this a Pandemic.

Take advantage of this special offer now!

This Special Offer Ends Soon!

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